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Fun, Joy, Play, Toys, Colours are such words that come to my mind when I refer to KIDS. I would say PopKorn is a perfect blend of all these with an essence of learning.

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Problems & Solutions

A Perfect Synergy of Pre-school Stakeholders

PopKorn is complete solution for Pre-school which developed by year of experienced of Ideal group.

Skills Covered in PopKorn

Language Skills

Language Skills

  • Speaking Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Comprehension Skills
  • Phonics

Numeracy Skills

Numeracy Skills

  • Counting
  • Place Value
  • Sequencing
  • Number Calculation

Environmental Skills

Environmental Skills

  • Connection with real life
  • Awareness about Environment
  • Well explained concepts
  • Age appropriate activities

Basic Skills

Basic Skills

  • Patterns
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Estimation & Positioning

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Critical & Analytical Thinking
  • Memory Games

Standards Covered in PopKorn

Play Group

AGE 2+ Years

Beginner Level

AGE 3+ Years

Level 1

AGE 4+ Years

Level 2

AGE 5+ Years

What we provide?

Book Series

Learn with PopKorn

  • Teaching concepts easily
  • Fun based interactive activities
  • Creative videos for better understanding

Practice with PopKorn

  • Colourful Worksheets for all Core Topics
  • Topic wise Worksheets for Multiple Skills

Notebook for writing practice

  • Writing Pattern with required suitable PRACTICE through COLOURFUL sheets

Term books

  • All Subjects in a single Book with creative Videos for better understanding (AR App)
  • Very Easy to Explain & Understand All Topics

Rhymes & Stories

  • Easy to Make Props with PopKorn Prop Box
  • Just Cut... Paste & Make... Kids can Perform with Props
  • Enjoy Performing and Singing all Rhymes

Prop Toy

  • The box contains cutouts and all additional Material to makes Props

Art & Craft

  • Art and Craft is not just about DRAWING or CUTTING or PASTING, It is CREATIVITY
  • Creativity has value if it is shared
  • So here we Motivate Kids to share what is created.

E-learning classroom & app look

  • Visual Memory is the Sharpest Memory
  • Easy to Explain subject matter Audio-Visual Classroom (on Projector/TV)
  • Teachers will get better Results in teaching the Concepts with lesser efforts

Gamified classroom & app

  • PLAY with PopKorn Game for all Topics with Meaningful Interactions
  • ASSESS with PopKorn Child friendly instructions with visuals so easy to comprehend
Our Solutions

PopKorn Book Kit


Glimpse of PopKorn

Promise of PopKorn to our Stakeholders

A Unique Solution in which Content and Communication will be available to Schools from PopKorn and to parents from schools.


PopKorn Mentor will prepare designed framework for every topic with different teaching tools. All PopKorn teachers will have an access to it and that would indeed save their me and energy.


Schools will have the planned curriculum with meaningful resources which will reduce me and cost they spend on repe ve task of compiling the tools.


Teachers will get access to all sorted tools with the liberty to EDIT / ADD any other resource. They can also control the access of parents for the content by selec ng HIDE / VIEW.


Parents will be updated about ac vi es and academic progress in the schools. Having access to designed curriculum with mul ple tools, they can guide their kids rightly in academics.


Karishma Sanghvi

CEO & Founder (PopKorn)

From the Desk of
PopKorn Mom

Fun, Joy, Play, Toys, Colours are such words that come to my mind when I refer to KIDS. I would say PopKorn is a perfect blend of all these with an essence of learning. Our products are designed in such a way that kids experience learning while playing. At the same time, it prepare Kids for the next levels.

We have the effective solutions that ignite interest towards learning and can even develop social and cognitive skills along with academics. We have created opportunities where children can enhance their language and communication skills.

We provide teachers a navigation network strengthen by supportive solutions to save their time and energy by handing over an organized syllabus and providing tools that would help them to create a playful and effective teaching.

We insist to transform the classrooms into playrooms, where teachers would excel in teaching and kids would enjoy learning.

It is quite common that parents of pre-schoolers are very keen to be an active part of their child's academics, so we have built Mobile Applications for parents, where they would be provided with the right tools to spend quality ACADEMIC time with their little ones. We call it ‘WE TIME’

Above all, we have a “Content Research Team” to help the teachers by solving any query regarding the content. We also have a training team who guide teachers to bring Effective Learning Outcome. Moreover, we always try our best to be in touch with renowned educators and keep our solutions updated and upgraded to cope with the need of today's generation.

Thank you for Being a Pre-school Educator.

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